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Why responsive website important to drive more visitors

In the modern times, the impetus of a business is on its website. More or less everyone or every business has online representation in the world. As people are more into the internet than ever in the world, the businesses are targeting the internet. People can access the internet from a computer, a smartphone or simply with a mobile these View details..

Why you should make your website responsive

Are you a company just starting out? You may think Why you should make your website responsive ? Today I am going to show 6 major importance of a responsive website. Do you want to get the best out of internet from the beginning? Well, then you need a website. And by that I mean “A Quality Website”. A Quality Website is one View details..

How to solve wordpress page not found error when editing or publishing new post

How to solve wordpress page not found error when editing or publishing new post. Sometimes you may face some problem with wordpress cms. Page not found or 404 error is one of them. Why you are getting this error while your page of post still in there? Another problem can be happen when you are trying post a new post or page. In today’s View details..


Before we start about how to build a business website, we should focus on some view. It’s known that a vast majority of people research online before making a purchase. But almost 50% of small business still not have their own website. Not having a website for business is not a good way. They lost a huge amount of sales for this View details..

How to secure WordPress websites

I’ve seen many website owners nagging about the security of WordPress. The opinion is that an open source script is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. But that is mostly not true – sometimes it’s the other way around. Or, okay, let’s say that it’s partially true, but even then you shouldn’t blame WordPress. Why? Because it’s usually your fault that your site got View details..